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The extensive experience of our physiotherapists will help you quickly alleviate pain and get back to sports in case of an injury.

The PROS Physiotherapy system aims not only to heal your injury but also to ensure it doesn’t return. Do you have issues with your shoulder, knee, back, elbow, or ankle? We can assist you with all of these problems.

Mgr Jerzy Hejnar

A graduate of the Academy of Physical Education in Warsaw, with degrees from the Faculty of Rehabilitation and the Faculty of Physical Education. A specialist with fifteen years of professional experience in orthopedics, continuously expanding knowledge through courses and training in therapy methods. Jerzy also specializes in dental physiotherapy.

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Mgr Jakub Molasy

A Master of Physiotherapy from the Warsaw Academy of Physical Education. In his work, he believes that the body has a natural potential for self-healing, and the therapist’s role is to create favorable conditions for these processes. During therapy, he strives to view the patient holistically and conduct the treatment process accordingly.

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