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Liga Tenisowa DeSki Warsaw Players

deski warsaw players

DeSki Warsaw Players Tennis League

Ready for excitement, competition, and friendship on the court? Join the Deski Warsaw Players Tennis League, where the passion for tennis merges with the vibrant tennis community of Warsaw!

PLAY WHERE YOU WANT IN WARSAW – You have the opportunity to play on any facility in Warsaw, on any court that suits you. And if you dream of glory, Championships for the top eight players of the season await you at our exclusive Deski tennis club.


TRACK YOUR PROGRESS – Thanks to our special website, Warsaw Players, you can easily add your results, check your ranking, and access valuable information about all your matches. Stay up to date with your game like never before!

AFFORDABLE AND FLEXIBLE – For only 250 PLN, you gain access to an incredible tennis experience. What’s best, there is no deadline to join; you can register at any time by filling out the form below.

SIMPLE REGISTRATION – Just provide your first name, last name, email address, and phone number to start this exciting tennis adventure.

JOIN THE COMMUNITY, NOT JUST THE LEAGUE – At Deski Warsaw Players, we are more than just a league – we are a tight-knit community. Our main value is to provide the best customer service and build a sense of community among all our members.

Specify your skill level

Player just starting tennis.

Player has limited experience with ball striking and is still working on maintaining the ball in play regardless of its pace.

Able to keep slow-paced balls in play but lacks experience. Has noticeable technical deficiencies and a basic understanding of both singles and doubles play.

Learning to judge the ball trajectory but has a weak court coverage ability (lack of sufficient knowledge of court geometry). Endures short exchanges at a slow pace with players of similar skill levels.

Handles shots played at a moderate pace but doesn’t feel comfortable with all strokes. Struggles with achieving proper control, depth, and power in shots.

Can choose shots depending on the situation but still struggles with depth and shot selection. Beginning to show some aggression at the net, improved court coverage, and learning teamwork in doubles.

Able to select shots for control and depth, both on the forehand and backhand, in various situations. Capable of successfully executing lobs, smashes, and preparatory net-approach shots, as well as volleys. Occasionally forces errors with the serve and demonstrates teamwork skills in doubles. May lose exchanges due to impatience.

Beginning to acquire the ability to use power and rotation, coping well with pace. Demonstrates good footwork, controls the depth of shots, and starts adapting tactics to specific opponents. Can hit the first serve with power and accuracy and place the second serve. Tends to overhit challenging shots. Plays aggressively (offensively) in doubles.

Has good anticipation of shots and occasionally plays spectacular shots. Possesses consistency that can be the foundation of the game. Can hit regular winners and force opponent errors after their short balls. Proficient with volleys (finishing with them). Capable of playing lobs, drop shots, half-volleys, and smashes. Achieves proper depth and rotation on most second serves.

His main weapon is strength and/or consistency. Can change tactics and playing style during a match and is effective under pressure.

Basically, he doesn’t need an NTRP rating. Past or present rankings speak for him. The player has been/is listed in national rankings.

Lives off tennis – a professional.