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Tennis courts

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You are welcome to our tennis courts.

We have 8 tennis courts, four with a clay surface, three of which are covered with a bubble during the winter and open in the summer, and one is covered with a light construction hall, allowing play regardless of weather conditions and rain.

Additionally, we have four courts with a hard DECOTURF surface (identical to those at the US OPEN in New York) located in one of the most modern tennis training halls in our country.

Tennis courts are open 24 hours a day.

On-site, there are changing rooms with showers. Locker rental is available. The reception sells water, energy drinks, energy bars, coffee, tea, and tennis balls. Rackets and towels can be rented, and those who forget their tennis attire can purchase shirts and shorts.

Racket rental: 20 PLN Racket rental for participants of the sports school and for lessons with a WTS DeSki trainer: 10 PLN

MULTISPORT/FITPROFIT/OK SYSTEM cardholders receive a 15 PLN discount for a 1-hour rental in a single day.

Players using our tennis courts must adhere to the WTS DeSki Court Regulations.

Court Regulations

General Provisions

The owner of the tennis courts is the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki, headquartered in Warsaw.
The tennis courts are open 24 hours a day.
Only individuals, legal entities, and unincorporated entities that have accepted the provisions of this regulation and committed to complying with it may use the tennis courts.

Reservations of Tennis Courts

Court reservations can be made in person on the premises, by phone at the following numbers: 22 841 49 34, 601 327 834, or by email at: recepcja@deski.org.
Cancellations should be made no later than 24 hours before the scheduled time of using the tennis courts.
For unused or uncancelled reservations, a fee will be charged as for gameplay.
The Warsaw Sports Society DeSki is authorized to rent the tennis courts to another person if the User does not arrive at the tennis court within 15 minutes, starting from the beginning of the reservation, and does not inform the staff about the possible delay.
Persons who do not settle their financial obligations for reserved hours cannot use the tennis courts or make subsequent reservations.
The Warsaw Sports Society DeSki is authorized to cancel reservations at any time if such a need is justified by the technical condition of the facility, equipment failure, disruptions in utility supply, or circumstances for which the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki is not responsible. Furthermore, the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki reserves the right to cancel reservations due to the organization of tennis tournaments and sports events, as well as for the necessity of maintenance and cleaning. No fees are charged for reservations canceled by the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki.

Fees for Using the Courts

The fee for using the tennis courts is determined by the Board of the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki in Warsaw in the form of an order. The current price list is an integral part of this regulation.
The fee must be paid in full before entering the tennis court. Confirmation of payment of the fee is a condition for using the tennis court, changing rooms, and showers.
A specific locker room is dedicated to each type of court surface.
A fee of PLN 50 will be charged for lost locker keys.
The fee for one hour of using the tennis court includes: entering the court, effective playing time, brushing the court by the User after finishing the game, and leaving the court.

In the event of a significant deterioration in weather conditions (preventing play) after entering the tennis court:
a) The User will be required to pay the full-hour fee if they use the court for at least 30 minutes.
b) The Warsaw Sports Society DeSki will refund the User for the paid fee for a full hour if using the court lasts less than 30 minutes.

Lessons with an Instructor

The organization of lessons, instruction, and training on the tennis courts can only take place with the consent of the Director of the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki in Warsaw.
These activities are organized at the individual’s and leader’s risk and expense. The instructor is fully responsible for the participants of the classes.

Rules for Using the Tennis Court

The decision to admit the court for the game is made each time by the tennis court staff.
Users of the tennis courts are obligated to:
a) Play in complete and neat sportswear and footwear suitable for the respective tennis court surface.
b) Footwear and tennis balls used in the hall should not show signs of previous use on clay courts.
c) Obey orders, comments, or instructions of the facility’s staff.
d) Comply with occupational safety, fire protection, sanitary, and all other organizational regulations and rules in effect on the facility’s premises.
e) Maintain cleanliness and order.
f) Behave in such a way as not to disturb other people using the adjacent courts.
g) Brush the court after finishing the game (applies to clay courts).
Users of the tennis courts are prohibited from:
a) Damaging or moving the facility’s equipment and equipment.
b) Consuming alcoholic beverages on the facility’s premises, using narcotics or any intoxicating or psychotropic substances, smoking tobacco.
c) Staying on the facility’s premises under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, intoxicating or psychotropic substances.
d) Bringing and having weapons, explosives, pyrotechnic products, dangerous items, alcoholic beverages, narcotics, intoxicating or psychotropic substances, and smoking on the facility’s premises.
e) Entering and staying on the facility’s premises with animals, except for blind persons using guide dogs.
f) Using vulgar language or words commonly regarded as offensive.

Additional Provisions

Children under the age of 13 may only be on the facility’s premises under the supervision of adults.
Parents and guardians may be on the tennis courts only with the consent of the instructor.
Providing commercial, trade, or catering services on the tennis courts is subject to the prior consent of the Director of the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki in Warsaw.
The Warsaw Sports Society DeSki is not responsible for the loss, damage, or destruction of items brought onto the facility’s premises and does not return items left by Users.
The Warsaw Sports Society DeSki is not liable for accidents and incidents causing damage that occurred during the use of the tennis courts, particularly as a result of non-compliance with the provisions of this regulation and the applicable rules on the facility’s premises.
Users of the tennis courts are responsible for all damage caused by their actions or omissions in accordance with the general principles.
The Director of the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki in Warsaw reserves the right to unilaterally invalidate tickets and passes entitling Users to use the tennis courts.
A person renting tennis equipment is responsible for it financially.

Final Provisions

Individuals who do not comply with the provisions of this regulation and the applicable rules on the facility’s premises will be removed from the facility without the right to a refund of fees paid for using the tennis courts.
Complaints and applications can be submitted to the facility’s staff, the facility manager, or the Director of the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki in Warsaw.
All disputes arising from the application of this regulation will be considered and resolved by the Director of the Warsaw Sports Society DeSki.

Principles of Purchased Hour Usage

  1. To claim an hour, it must be canceled at least 24 hours before the game and then resold to another customer by the Club.
  2. You can redeem the sold hour at any other time (within the same price range) until the end of the current season. If you play during more expensive hours, you need to settle the price difference at the club’s reception before the game. However, if you play during less expensive hours, the extra funds are not refunded, and the hour will be made up.
  3. Hours that are not resold and were canceled by the customer in accordance with the regulations (at least 24 hours before) DO NOT qualify for redemption.

You can only redeem hours during the current season.
The given price only covers the court fee.