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Course for School Demonstrator and Instructor’s Assistant SITN PZN

We are a licensed SITN PZN school, which means that during our camps, participants will have the opportunity to take courses for SITN PZN instructor degrees, the only Polish organization recognized worldwide for training ski instructors. This is a great opportunity to turn your passion into a way of life.

This year, we are conducting:

Course for Assistant Instructor SITN PZN Part 1 – Technical, more: http://sitn.pl/dokumenty/40,pomocnik-instruktora-pzn-poziom-1.html
Course for Assistant Instructor SITN PZN Part 2 – Methodological, more: http://sitn.pl/dokumenty/40,pomocnik-instruktora-pzn-poziom-1.html

The camps where you can participate in these courses are:

For the rank of Assistant Instructor – Level 1 – Technical part
https://deski.org/oboz-narciarski-nassfeld-1/ – Birth years 2008 and older
For the rank of Assistant Instructor – Level 2 – Methodological part
https://deski.org/oboz-narciarski-nassfeld-2/ – Birth years 2007 and older
A prerequisite for participating in the Assistant Instructor – Level I course is passing the Regional Competitions and achieving the appropriate result, which is:

6 points for people with a valid Qualification Course (http://sitn.pl/szkolenie/kurs-kwalifikacyjny)
8 points for people without Qualification Course
*The courses will take place with a minimum of 5 participants for each part.
*Participation in each competition provides a chance to achieve the necessary minimum to participate in the Assistant Instructor Course, so you can try multiple times.

The courses will be conducted by: Kazimierz Łodziński, Anita Łodzińska – Instructors and Lecturers of SITN PZN with many years of experience.