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Akademia Tenisowa URWISKI PRO

Akademia Tenisowa Urwiski Pro

To enable children to start learning tennis at a very early age (rather than waiting until they are 10-11 years old, as it used to be), while also not discouraging them from the sport (because it’s hard to enjoy tennis when you can’t hit a ball that’s flying too fast) and not overstraining young, developing bodies, in the early 1990s, the concept of mini tennis was introduced (smaller and lighter rackets, slower balls, smaller courts). This idea was improved upon (“Play and Stay”) in the early 2000s, and soon after, Tennis10 was introduced – the current teaching system for young tennis players.

At all levels of Tennis10, the goal of the classes is not only to initially infect children with the tennis virus but also to introduce them to the world of tennis.

Thanks to the Tennis10 system, every child has a chance to develop a love for this sport. Because from the very beginning, not only are they having fun (and every physical activity suggested by the coach incorporates an element that will be useful in the game), but almost from the very start, they get the opportunity to play tennis. To play – that means hitting the ball with a friend, a peer – and even competing (playing for points – not necessarily in the “adult” way).

In Tennis10, a child’s age is matched to the appropriate color (level) from the beginning of their training – from blue, through red, orange, and all the way to green.

Each color, apart from the “range of skills to be mastered by the child,” has its own ball and court size (with a lower net). For the blue level – the sponge ball flies and bounces about 80-90% slower than an adult ball. For the red level – about 75% slower, for the orange level – about 50% slower, and for the green level – about 25% slower.

Each color also has its court size, maintaining the proportions of an “adult” court.

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