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Urwiski Tennis Academy – Recreational Section

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We invite you to the Recreational Section Akademia Tenisowa Urwiski

The main idea behind the Akademia Urwiski is to instill a passion for tennis in children. In response to the expectations of the youngest players and their parents, the primary form of learning is through play, which allows for an integrated development of technical and tactical skills, as well as physical fitness, coordination, logical thinking, a spirit of healthy competition, and a fair play attitude.


The activities within the section are intended for individuals focused on recreational training, who see tennis as a form of active relaxation and a way to spend leisure time in an attractive manner. Training sessions take place throughout the week at convenient hours for you.


The program is inspired by the well-known worldwide Tennis10 system, which aims to generate interest in tennis among as many children as possible and make it easier for them to quickly and enjoyably acquire basic technical and tactical skills by adjusting the game to their psychophysical abilities (lighter, slower balls, lighter, shorter rackets, lower nets, smaller courts).


By employing modern teaching methods and modified equipment, learners have the opportunity to play (even for points) from their very first sessions. This positively impacts motivation and self-confidence on the court, creating a sense of success right from the beginning. This, in turn, accelerates the learning process and makes it more engaging.

One of the main objectives of the program is to modernize and standardize the training system for children up to the age of 10 while simultaneously introducing a division between recreational training and a path leading towards competitive sports.


Exercises take the form of play, resulting in the best outcomes while having an enjoyable time. The training sessions take place in one of the most modern sports facilities in Poland. Rackets and balls are adjusted according to the participants’ age, and the nets are appropriately sized. The training is conducted under the supervision of an experienced coaching staff. The sessions follow the guidelines of the PZT – Tennis 10 program.

There is a maximum of 4 children per one coach.

You should bring sportswear, sports shoes with light, non-marking soles, and water. If needed, you can borrow a racket from us for the duration of the session at no cost.

The training sessions last for 55 minutes.

You can find the price list at the bottom of the page.

Simply fill out the registration form available below.