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Recreational tennis training for adults

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Recreational tennis training for adults

Meeting the expectations of our customers, we have created a tennis section for adults. This training is intended for both individuals who have had no prior experience with tennis and those looking to improve their technical skills.

We offer training for four skill levels:

  1. Basic – for individuals starting their tennis journey. These sessions focus on learning basic techniques and strokes, as well as improving coordination.
  2. Basic+ – for those who have already taken their first steps in tennis. These sessions aim to reinforce stroke techniques and movement on the court.
  3. Semi – for moderately advanced individuals looking to improve their playing skills, both from the baseline and at the net. These sessions are designed to enhance both agility and the technical aspects of different strokes.
  4. Pro – training for experienced and advanced players who wish to enhance their point play skills. The core of this training involves exercises focused on controlling direction, depth, and altering the distance of strokes for both forehand and backhand shots while playing at medium and high tempos.

Sessions are conducted in groups of 4-5 individuals by a qualified coaching staff. The training groups are tailored to suit skill levels. During the training, participants have the opportunity to use the latest equipment and coaching aids.

As a complement to the summer season, we offer a holiday season during which we provide participation in family tennis camps. Additionally, participants can join the DeSki Challenger League, where they will have the opportunity to test their skills in point play. Thanks to the use of the latest teaching methods and an individual approach to each participant, we are confident that the training sessions are not only the most effective but also maintain a positive atmosphere.

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